Lasst euch ein wenig von mir inspirieren. Neue Teile der Winter- Kollektion 2022 sind da.

Ruft  mich an, schickt mir über WhatsApp Eure Wünsche und wir gehen sie gemeinsam durch.

Hier meine Tel. +34 608753214

Post geht jeden Dienstag von der Insel weg und dauert eine Woche nach Deutschland.

New pieces of the winter-collection 2022 have arrived with every day changes.

Call me or send me a message with WhatsApp, so we can talk about sizes and colors.

My number is +34 608753214

On Tuesday we send out. Takes one week depending on the country.

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Mit dem Telefon sind alle Fotos nur per "Switchen" zu sehen.

ODB001 Beanie, double layer distressed. 39.00 Euro

RPGL99 Pullover wool grey with holes in grey 289.00 Euro

STB002 B3 Beanie 69.00 Euro

STLP44 Pullover long / B3 229.00 Euro only in grey left

OTS345 Shirt in black, khaki 35.00 Euros

HT87 a backpack "Trolli" airportbag 900 gr with leather grips Could be ordered in dif. colours 200 Euros


RKGS45 Dress Rundholz grey/black 259 Euro

STTG123 Top B3 light-grey 155.00 Euro


RHGC890 pants Rundholz in anthra 259.00 Euro

OLSW87 Shirt in white, 45.00 Euro

RJWR76 Jacket Rundholz wine-red 209.00 Euros


RHWR77 Rundholz pants in wine-red 259.00 Euros

JCSW67 J. Condo Shirt in white with red stitched women 169.00 Euro

RTWR90 Shirt Rundholz in wine-red 129.00 Euro

CCT88 Top in Eco Cotton C.C. 109.00 Euro

RLKS88 Dress Rundholz in black 349.00

CCLS98 Tunica C.C. 79.00 Euro

STLBS22 Long tunica distressed in black 229.00 Euro

DSBG22 Linen Shirt Stripes red/white 119.00

DHA33 Pants BL in dark-grey 229.00 Euro

RCJ144 Rundholz Jacket in black 319.00 Euro

CCSB678 Shirt C.C. in black 79.00 Euro

CCTGB66 Top C.C. in grey and beige 33.00 Euro

PTBT789 Top3 Provocation in black 149.00

PJGM432 Long Jacket Provocation 319.00 BACK

PJGM432 Long Jacket Provocation 319.00 Euros

EWD43 Dress Ewa y Walla in tope 289.00 Euros

B3DD854 Dress by B3 dyed grey 219.00 Euros

VLPP Pants with print V.L. in black and white 229.00 Euros

B3BD Blouse grey dyed B3 249.00 Euros


Leather CLUTCH/Portemonnaie special and unique design 279.00 Euros

OBHK809 Blouse long sleeve in black and white 59.00 Euro RPB577 Pants in black Rundholz 169.00 Euro

OKG555 Dress with stripes in dark-blue 79.00 Euro

BKRH67 Bitte K. Rand Pants in black 199.00 Euros

For lighters or lipsticks...85.00 Euros

PURSE for MEN 229.00 Euros

OTLS Top long sleeve, khaki, black, white, cognac and tope 49.00 BLPL345 Pants in heavy linen BeLight, light-grey and white 289.00 SALE 229.00

PURSE for MEN 229.00 Euros

OPLC987 Low Cut Pants in Jeans, ice-grey, anthra and black 69,00 Euros

For lighters or lipsticks...85.00 Euros


BPW342 very soft black Pullover BLACK 229,00

PLSD double Shirt Provoation 149,00 Euro

BLRS007 BLACK dress/long-shirt stripes, grey- black and marine-black 149,00 Euro OPB67 Low-cut Jogpants in black 59,00 Euro

BSK900 Skirt BLACK marine-black, grey-black 129,00 Euro

B3SA555 Sweater B3 with print and layers 199,00

BPGR09 Pants grey dyed BLACK 179,00 Euro

OKGL609 Long dress linen in black and white 169.00 Euro

HT002 bag HAUPT light-grey with brown, anthra with black size: 50x 30 cm 170 Euro


OBK020 Top with hoodie, green, white, black 49.00 Euro LHHMS108 La Haine pants with a lot of details 199,00 Euro

LHHMS108 La Haine pants with a lot of details 199,00 Euro

AJW034 Jacket Azizi white 319.00 Euro SALE 220,00

RDP804 Dress Rundholz petrol/print 349,00 Euro

RTB678 Shirt Rundholz Black 189,00 Euro

OBJ054 Jersey jersey. very comfortable in black, white, and pink. 45.00 Euro

OBJ054 Jersey jersey. very comfortable in black, white, and pink. 45.00 Euro

UMPBW021 Pullover Umit 229.00 Euro

BTBL010 Top long BLACK 139.00 NOW 111,00 OSL006 Short in black or white 39.00 Euros

BTBLT011 TOP A-form BLACK 129.00 NOW 103,00

RKP111 Rundholz pink dress 219,00 NOW 150.00

Leatherbracelets handmade

Bracelets with phrases or pattern 16.90

Bracelets for men and woman 39,90

RPFR001 Shirt, Rundholz with different colors 159.00 NOW 119.00 Euro

FHT001 Top OUR FAVOURITE 49.00 Euro colors: cognac, tope long sleeve. Red and lila short-sleeve HOMLC-2020 Pant low-cut in black, white, sand, light-grey, khaki, rose 69,00 Euros

AZPHR013 Pants/Skirt linen 359.00 NOW 289.00 Euro

RSBD007 Skirt with dots, Rundholz SALE 279.00 NOW 209.00 Euro

HOMLC-2020 Pant low-cut in black, white, sand 69,00 Euros

OBJC304 Blouse, back jersey front cotton 49.00 Euro

OBJC304 Blouse, back jersey front cotton 49.00 Euro

PTOP408 Long Top, Provocation dark-blue 99.00 Euro

HMPO221 Poncho handmade, cotton available in black, creme, beige. 239.00 Euro NOW 199.00 SALE 169.00

Azizi Jacket from the back

AJGR203 Jacket Azizi japanese Style 399.00 Euro SALE 279.00 Euro


HOMK-2021 Pant in white, black, dark-grey, sand .. 59.00 Euro

BHL031 Pant linen BLACK 189.00 Euro

OBK020 Top with hoodie, white, black and cognac 49.00 Euro

OBK020 Blouse white, black, d.green, with hoodie 49.00 Euro

BRG070 Skirt Black grey 119.00

BRG070 Skirt Black grey 119.00

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