The name came up during a walk at dusk. The sky on one side baby-blue and on the other it looked like hell was burning.  

Devil & Saint, the beauty and the beast, the good and the bad. Yin and Yang.

Our mood defines our clothing. Some day you want to dress like a saint the other like a dark angel. 

PREACH stands for design with character. Leather, wool, linen and cotton in an outstanding synergy. It´s for experimental, progressive and unconventional minds.

BLACK, playful in its outfits, a good combination between femininity and coolness in their confortable cuts. 

AIRSTEP from Italy which is known by many people are the best shoes on the market, when it comes to material, design and price.

Of course we also have nice silk and woolen garments for combinations.


Devil & Saint exists near the cathedral in the center of Palma, since 2013.

Come and visit us.

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